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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I'm home from my Mediterranean adventure and I documented my travels in the form of photographs and poems. 

Trans-penine Express

Mirrors in the land
Reflect the sky
Work the fields
Make ripples in the stars.

Avalanche of trees;
Routes: incised in.

Horizon of smoke
Orphan homes
Scattered, then embedded,
White wool spatter.

Metal skeletons
Play musical statues

Lakes acclaim the sky.

Corrugated patchwork walls
Slope to white horses
From which we run;
Laughing in terror.

Barcelona ii
She likes to keep a low profile
By kicking sand in the eyes of others.


Tunnels of history
Cry inside
For your past terrors.

Tears at St Peter's feet
Epic tragedies
No proof of the Colosseum
Michelangelo at 23.


Ghosts in high definition
God is there


Sunset cubes; cuboids
Pray toward the sea
Hinterland hangs back
Sheltering and reminding.

We walk like toys
counting dogs.
Gold rings scattered
Along the promenade.

Ground-down strength
Imported then sculpted
Artificially arranged
Providing a bed for dreams.


Bridges of stone
Evoking the Count and the sailor
Farewell to fun.


From the plane, somewhere over France.





Our Lady of Mercy in Cannes

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